What is the Skelter Option

The Skelter Option was developed to attack the outside option man faster and in a new and unique way.  Running backs actually make the read on the defensive end or outside LB while the QB is the main inside threat with the dive and counter trap.  There is also a great deal of play-action and misdirection counters that can utilize the Skelter play-action.

The Skelter is one of the few schemes that can be run seamlessly with the shotgun snap or under center. The Skelter can be run from the Flexbone, Power I, Pistol, Diamond Pistol, and several other formations with or without motion.
The Skelter is, simply put, a new way to utilize the benefits of Option Football. Like the old timers have always said, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.
This book contains over 40 diagrams of the Skelter Option as well as many counters to the Skelter in the playbook section.  It also contains diagrams of the Skelter from different formations as well as many play-action counters to the option. All the diagrams are detailed and explained.
This book is 52 pages of no nonsense, no fluff,  complete focus on the newest innovation in option football.
The Skelter Option is $12.00 with Free Shipping